Our inspections are the most thorough in the business and access all areas of the home. 

Know the home in question!

Riverside Home Inspections will snake through crawlspaces, walk on roofs, and enter attic spaces to be sure that a customer knows exactly what they are buying. 

We are very knowledgeable in systems such as pumps, low pressure boilers, plumbing fixtures, components, and electrical wiring and components. We are also very experienced in troubleshooting problems and the best ways to fix them. 

We provide full services including general building inspections, water quality testing, air radon testing, septic disposal systems, FHA compliant pest testing, mold testing, and lead paint tests.

Our Prices**

General Inspections: $350*

*For most homes under 2,500sq. ft. for larger homes, please call.

Two-Units: $375*

*$50 per unit fee applied per unit thereafter

Condo / Townhouse: $350

Septic Inspection: $175 with inspection, $195 without

Air Radon Testing: $160 with inspection, $180 without

Water Radon Testing: $100 with inspection, $125 without

Water Quality (includes arsenic): $140 with inspection, $175 without

FHA Pest Inspection: $50 with inspection, $75 without

Mold Testing: Please Call

Lead Testing: Please Call

**Please Note: While these prices are an outline of fees for services, the final price will depend on the actual size and age of the property. Separate / additional attic spaces, crawlspaces, and living spaces will be at an additional charge. One stand alone outbuilding such as a garage will be included. Barns, pole barns, RV storage, etc are not considered garages. Separate outbuildings are always an additional charge. A quote can be given over the phone or before the inspection, but final pricing will be determined at the time of inspection. An additional charge may be added to the final price based on the location of the home.

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